Tuesday, May 28, 2013

7th Grade Year…

Well, I'm gonna tell you about whats-whats in my 7th grade year. I'm just gonna warn you, this is not my cup-of-tea. I'm not exactly the best person to tell you all the ~hip~ things. So, I'll tell you the interesting points in my life, or not my life,  this year. Okay, Begin!

I moved to Plymouth Schools this year. I was sad because I had to leave all my best friends in my old school, but was also excited because Plymouth has more opportunities. At first I was afraid I wouldn't make friends but I shouldn't have worried, I can start conversation with anyone and made friends pretty fast. My best friend since 3rd grade moved to Plymouth too, so that helped. My friends…my friends are a weird combination. Half of my friends (Our close group of friend include 6 people) are total nerds. They love Doctor Who, BBC, and anime. They are the ones I have nerd rages with and see the new Star Treck movies with. The other half of my friends aren't exactly nerds, but are definitely not normal.  We talk about everything and anything. From our favorites colors to how the dinosaurs died, we talk about anything. What else I did, you ask?
I joined orchestra and play the violin. I have very interesting teachers and not as interesting classes. I've really got into anime this year too. I've watched so many animes! I just finished Hitman Reborn, and it was amazing!!!I've done lots of projects and new things. This year was also the year my Dad got remarried. Me and my sister went down to Tennessee for their wedding and had a blast. This year hasn't been my most exciting year, but it was a year when things changed. I went to a new school, my dad got married, made new friends, and I'm going to DC this summer. I get less time this summer with my grandparents  because of this. I used to be with my grandparents for 6 weeks, either in West Virginia or Texas. But, for the last few years its only been about 2 weeks, this year I'll only be there 1 week. :( I love staying with my grandparents over the summer because I don't see them any other time. They live in another state and travel a lot because of work, so there goes Christmas dinner. What else have I done this year. Hmm… I made a blog! I have also had over a thousand visitors, from dozens of countries so, points for me!  What music am I into? Good question! I don't really have a certain style of music, I'll listen to anything. Classic, country, pop, heavy metal, screamo, rock, anything as long as its good! I'm going to talk about my favorite blog post now. Hmmm, challenge 8. That was the most fun one I did. I liked how you got to talk about your favorite things.  Should I talk about hip things? Should I not? I think I will! I'm not very good at this so bear with me, and this is my take on the ~hip~ things in my school.
1. One Direction. That is very popular. I'm not so into them, but hey, the people like what the people like.
2. Colored skinny jeans. I swear the 80's are back. My mom looks at girls in my school and says she dressed like that in high school. 
3. For the nerds of my school, dead mouse is hip. They listen and fan about it a lot. Dead mouse that, and dead mouse this. I swear its One Direction for the nerds.
4. Sideways pony tails. Everyone's wearing them.
That's 'bout all I know about this hip thang. 
Well, that's the high lights of my 7th grade year. I might not blog as much since 7th grades over, but I'll try! See all my fans later! Bye-bye1

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Random Story Made in Language Arts

 Well, to day in Language Arts, my group was done, and we were waiting for every one else to get done. So, we wrote a comic/story/thing. This is it.
(>”)> Kirby was here

Noooooo!!!! KIRBY!!!!!!!
Who could have done such a thing!!!! He was just a baby!!!!!! MONSTER!!!! MONSTER!!!
“wasn’t me” said the really shady guy in the corner with a gun and a pack of cigarettes.
Of course it was you!!! I am a random guy off the street, and you’re under arrest.
opens jacket” It wasn’t me it was my hand and head that lives in my stomach see
I didn’t know you had a hand and head in your stomch, forgive me for accusing you for something you obviously had no part in. Its not your fualt if you are controled. HAnds and heads are diabolical.
Okay I accept your apology now if you don’t mind I need to go rob a bank I mean I need to go pet and feed my little kittens.
Of course, I’m sorry to keep you away. Those kittens must miss you terribly. Give them my regards.
I will, but first I need some gun bullets and a gun, so I can give my cat a machine gun cause you know how much cats love machine guns.
Do you have as machine gun on you?
No, but I have a solid gold and diamond  watch you can have my grandmother gave me. Anything for the kittens.
Do you have the keys to the armory over there my kittens really need them?
Yes, I do! I am the presidents daughter after all. He gives me anything I want!
How about a flying saucer, and a diamond machine gun that shoots diamond bullets.
Ohhh, that old thing. We have tons at Area 51. You want to came with me and get them, or have them shipped out?
Shipped would be fine.
Okay. I’ll call the Secret Service to get it for us, those poor kittens.

THE END Or is it?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blogging Challenge 8

Challenge 8 

10 different awesome things, hmmm. First things first, let's talk about a book I like (surprise, surprise). I will talk about a series that I have started reading last year. It is called the Last Apprentice (Not to be confused with Ranger's Apprentice, though also a very good series.) This book is about a boy named Thomas Ward, who is the seventh son, of a seventh son. In this book that means he can see things. Things like boggarts and ghosts. Because of this, his father signed him to be an apprentice to the SpookA spook is a person who fights the dark. They fight witches, seal boggarts, and basically mess with the dark. It is the story of Tom, who is the last, and best, apprentice of the Spook. It is a book that I definitely recommend if your into that kind of stuff.  

Where do I want to go, you ask? Everywhere. I have a goal in life and that is to travel to every country in the world. Wouldn't that just be awesome? Being able to say you've been to every country in the world, that's pretty cool. I don't want to do just because of bragging rights, I want to do because there is so much this world has to offer, and I want to see it all.  From the Eiffel Tower in France to the Forbidden City in China. The Colosseum, Taj Mahal, Big Ben, Pyramids, everything, I want to see, experience everything there is this world can offer.

This time I'll talk (and show) about an anime I like. (Hmmm, so many to choose.) I guess I'll talk about Kobato. (I just finished it not that long ago.) It was one of the must heart-ranching, sweet animes I have every watched. I mean I love Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto,  Ao No Exorcist, and all those, and I know Kobato seems so not my style, but it was an amazing anime. I made me laugh, smile, and cry. Cry…I never cry, that's how happy/sad this anime is. I have a video that I watched that made me give Kobato a try. Watch it,  you might give it a try your self, and tell me what you think. (All you action anime people going "ya right", you watch it, just to see. It does have some fanasty/sci-fi in it, it's not totally just about a girl and guy.)

I'll talk about a game series I like now. Legend of Zelda. I love this series. I've been watching this game since I was born.  (My dad is a total gamer. I grew up watching Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Pokemon, and yes Legend of Zelda.) I love the Legend of Zelda because it has a plot behind it. You have to think and use logic in the game too. You don't just run around swinging your sword, you have to plan and come up with a strategy to win the game. I like games like that. I just wanna make this clear, I don't play the game, I watch other people play the game. I can't play a game to save my live. I've tried. I try to, but I just fall and die in the first minute. So, I tell my sister what to do, and how to beat the game.  But, this game really is awesome.  This is a website all about Zelda.


Okay, starting to run out of ideas, so going back to the basics. So, favorite color. Obvious answer…rainbow. My favorite color is rainbow for many reasons. Main one, my favorite color changes so often is just easier to say rainbow. I mean one day its green, then the next its blue. So, rainbow it is.

Another basic question. My favorite class in school. Orchestra. Why? Because in orchestra, we're like a family. It's really small, since we only have 11 people, but we all get along, and I think its better we only have 11 people. We get to have more free time and fun, our teacher gets to know each of us personally, and we get to know each a lot. Like I said, we're like a family. We have the short tempered older sister, the spastic, gamer older sister, The bickering, yet still best friends, brothers, the brother that laughs silently why the two are fighting, the goofy sister that messes around all the time, the sister that watches the goofy sisters that messes around, the two bookworms (me included in that), the sporty sister,  and mama Kallenberg. Its a very interesting class. This is our class website. Check it out!

Different question time. Favorite tree. Hmmm, my favorite tree has to be an oak tree. This is because it is strong and resilient. Its great for climbing, and is pretty. I love to look at oaks, how their branches sweep out low and easy to climb, I love them.

Ummm, favorite kind of chair. La-z-boy, for sure! They're leathery, and super comfy. They're awesome to read/sleep/ do anything in.  I would loovvee one in my room! I would sit in it all the time and read/watch anime forever.
Next:Favorite Book (Note-above was not favorite book, but a out of many favorite series of books.) Favorite book, I don't have a favorite book, I have hundreds. So, I'll put one of my favorite books. The False Prince. It is a great book! I got last April and have read it at least 7 times. The sequel just came out, and I must buy it! I definitely recommend it!

 Lastly~ Coke or Pepsi. Coke, of course. It is sweeter, and has a better taste. I mean, I like Pepsi, but Coke is totally better. There are also more flavors of Coke. I love the Cherry/Vanilla Coke, the Raspberry Coke, and the Lime Coke. Pepsi doesn't offer these flavors, only Coke. So, to the age long question of Pepsi or Coke, I choose Coke. Here is a website that is for questions just like Coke or Pepsi.